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Ask a Trainer: 6 tips To Keeping the Weight Off

Hey guys! So I've been getting lots of questions about losing weight and keeping it off, So I have decided to start a how to blog in hopes of helping with some of the smaller problems that could probably be tackled with a few small tweaks in lifestyle. Most of these tips will be about behavior and not "drink water" or "eat veggies". Behavior is usually the thing that needs tweaking. I know that you know that water and veggies are good, and cookies are bad. So I'm going to give you my top 6 tips to reinforce the behavior and results that you earn. So.... onward!

1.) Find an app to help you track your nutrition

This is a great one for beginners. When I got started the amount of time it took to keep track and figure what I ate felt like a huge time sucker. Welcome to the future! Just type in the words "nutrition counter" and you will have an endless amount of free options. You may not use it forever, but even just 1-2 months of consecutive use, and you will be able to identify the do's and don'ts of a good diet. Be wary though, some of these apps have data that users have entered manually so double check when you get started (unfortunately 1 slice of pizza is more than 100 cals).

2.)Eat lots of little meals, don't binge

So I know this is easier said then done, especially for those of you who work demanding hours, but this one is crucial. Most people have 2-3 meals a day. 4-6 is what you want to shoot for. This will keep you from being hangry (hangry=hungry mad for those of you who don't know). Meal prep is key. Cook in advance, and the rest of your week will not only be easier, you will save truckloads of money!

3.) reflect, reflect, reflect

This one sounds easy, but believe me it's probably one of the most underused and underestimated actions. Reflecting on your goals and how far you've come reinforces them. I recommend keeping a journal. Make sure you are doing this without the tv or social media to get the full benefit. Bask in your awesomeness. Take a deep breath, smile, and pat yourself on the back, you deserve it! Being healthy in this day and age can be tough!

4.)Utilize the buddy system (accountability with a friend)

Most of us like a little competition and a little backup. That's what friends are for right? Find a friend with the same goals as you and reinforce each other. Go to the gym together, compete, eat together, vent to each other when it's hard. Make it your life if you can, you will thank yourself later! Accountability yields results, and now you have some else holding you accountable, not just yourself. (note: make sure your partner in crime is 100% serious about these goals, these benefits can turn into problems in the wrong hands)

5.)Plan on falling off the horse, but get back up

So Christmas is here. You're visiting sis and the kids, then your moms house, then your brothers house, and everybody wants to feed you. Chances are with all these hurdles your gonna trip and fall. That's ok! Just be prepared for it. Try to minimize the damage, and get back up. It's ok to not be perfect, but it's not ok to give up!

6.)mix up your workout

This one also sounds simple, but I hear it a lot. "I need a new routine". So make one! It's easy! People get caught in this situation because they are comfortable with their routine and they know they can do it. And that is ok. But, typically when you get comfy is when you start bailing. So make a new routine, try a class, or even just work out outside. You won't be nearly as confident as you were with your old routine, but you'll be that much more proud when you are!

I'm off to a run around the park! Feel free to shoot me emails on topics of interest, i'd love to help in any way I can!

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