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Kicking the Habit

I have a client who wanted to quit drinking soda. My first instinct was to start listing off all the terrible things that soda does to your body. Heartburn, weight gain, and serious sugar crashes came to mind but when was the last time that ever worked? These aren't things my client does not already know. My job is to get them ready for that boot camp they've been working so hard on getting into shape for. Breaking habits is not just about willpower, it's about discipline, planning, and a whole lot of practice. Ever heard of contingency contracting?

Contingency contracting is usually used in real estate (we won't get into that, it's boring and lame, no offense real estate guys) but can be used the same way to help reinforce those sweet abs you want. It's a contract you make with yourself that won't be met until certain criteria is met. Here are 4 steps to contingency contracting that will help you kick the habit for good.

1. Set a measurable goal

Setting goals is usually common sense for most people, but making it measurable is not. Set a quit date, keep track of your improvements, your hurdles, and most importantly be good to yourself. Having a finish line is the first step, but knowing where it is seals the deal.

2.) Set a reward

This is the part everyone knows and loves. Is there a shirt you wanted? Want to take your wife or g/f to the movies? Set this as a reward upon meeting your standards. If I don't spend $2 on soda everyday of the week then by the end of the week i can take my wife to the movies free of charge. Pretty sweet deal right? This is your long term reinforcer.

3.) Set a realistic consequence

Here's the kicker. This is the one that really got me but honestly made the biggest difference. What's your favorite thing to do? Netflix? Video games? Going out? Whatever it is, use it as a reinforcer. Want that soda? Go for it, but no Game of Thrones. Having a consequence reinforces you in your weakest moments. Be nice with these, you don't want to hate being healthy.

4.) Be flexible, get back in the saddle

I know I've said this in previous blogs, but this one is important, so i'm going to say it again. Following those other 3 steps is great, but chances are you won't get it right on the 1st shot. View your mistakes for what they are, opportunities. Evaluate what went wrong, adjust, and get back in the saddle, you are soooo much closer than you were. If you are finding yourself uncomfortable and outside of your box, then you are probably way closer than you think.

I'm definitely still a work in progress, but these steps have worked for me in a lot of different instances and really wanted to share with some of you what I've learned through my experiences from training. Good luck and hope this helps some of you!

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I teach busy pros in their 30's-50's how to find balance in their lives and to feel strong, healthy, happy, and wealthy. In a world full of 30-day detoxes, Instagram influencers, and fad diets it's nearly impossible to find out what works best. What makes these programs any different?

Our programs are built for the long term. No yoyo diets, no trends, just results. You will be provided with scientifically proven methods to target whatever your goal may be, as well as the direction needed outside of the gym to target those pesky behaviors that cause you to derail or give up. Ever go to the gym 7 days a week, and eat perfectly all the way until Friday just to derail from your goals? This is the sort of thing we specialize in. A little bit about me:

I've been in business for 4 years and been training myself for almost a decade. I used to play in a band, worked in retail, smoked cigarettes, and partied like crazy. I also struggled with low self-confidence and was overweight. Fast forward to today, I'm 70 lbs lighter, no more smoking, and feel confident in my own skin and daily life. I've also transitioned to fitness full time since last year, and have the education, testimonials, and experience to not only crush your goals, but to provide you with the tools to make them stick far past the age of your before and after shot. 

If you are looking for a quick fix or “abs in 30 days” and expecting to keep them, I’m absolutely not your guy. However, if you are looking to get off the trend train and start getting results that last a lifetime, give me a call or shoot me a message today. If you want to change it starts AND ends with you. By reading this far, you've already started, don't hold yourself up any longer, your time is important.

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