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Happy Thanksgiving: 3 tips to handling the aftermath

It's a few days after Thanksgiving, and for those of us on a fitness plan who may have had a bit more than they meant to, a day of guilt and confession. I'm writing this to tell them it is going to be alright. I had my fair share of mac n cheese too, trust me. Normally I'd write about how to avoid mom's pumpkin pie, hold yourself accountable, and to stay in the gym, but what about the aftermath? What If you feel like you failed yourself over the holidays? What to do then? Read on.

1.) Look at the Big Picture

So remember when you started that fitness plan a year ago? or a month ago? Think about the holiday before that. I'm sure you are doing better than you were then. It's important to stick to our goals, but it's even MORE important to make sure we can sustain them. Remember the big picture. If you've eaten super healthy, stuck to the gym, and felt good 4 months prior to this, This won't destroy all of your results, unless you let it. There is a bright side to everything, and their is no gain to beating yourself up after the fact. Every situation is an opportunity to build a better relationship with yourself.

2.) Don't think in black and white

This is more of a what not to do, but It's super important, so I included it. Ever have a cheat meal, turn into a cheat day? or a cheat day, turn into a cheat week? I know I have. This type of thing is usually caused by black and white thinking. There is so much in between your goals besides "did I do it, or did I not do it?" This is unfortunately the way we are taught to look at things in our hypercompetitive environment. It's helpful in the olympics or in a job interview, not so much after a cheat meal. Don't let one slip up justify another, because the procrastination WILL inevitably take over, and then it's turned into a deeper issue.

3.) Love yourself unconditionally

You are your very own best friend AND your own worst enemy. It's important to remember this. When we slip up, it's easy to let the critic take over. The critic is helpful before the slip up. If you've already ruminated over the slip up and figured out the next step, he's pretty useless. Listen to the positive side of things. You should ALWAYS have a baseline of feeling awesome about yourself, even when you feel you are a work in progress, because everyone is, and truthfully you always will be. Give yourself the love you deserve.

Growth is the key to maintaining your happiness, don't let anything ever stop you, Have a happy, healthy day!


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I teach busy pros in their 30's-50's how to find balance in their lives and to feel strong, healthy, happy, and wealthy. In a world full of 30-day detoxes, Instagram influencers, and fad diets it's nearly impossible to find out what works best. What makes these programs any different?

Our programs are built for the long term. No yoyo diets, no trends, just results. You will be provided with scientifically proven methods to target whatever your goal may be, as well as the direction needed outside of the gym to target those pesky behaviors that cause you to derail or give up. Ever go to the gym 7 days a week, and eat perfectly all the way until Friday just to derail from your goals? This is the sort of thing we specialize in. A little bit about me:

I've been in business for 4 years and been training myself for almost a decade. I used to play in a band, worked in retail, smoked cigarettes, and partied like crazy. I also struggled with low self-confidence and was overweight. Fast forward to today, I'm 70 lbs lighter, no more smoking, and feel confident in my own skin and daily life. I've also transitioned to fitness full time since last year, and have the education, testimonials, and experience to not only crush your goals, but to provide you with the tools to make them stick far past the age of your before and after shot. 

If you are looking for a quick fix or “abs in 30 days” and expecting to keep them, I’m absolutely not your guy. However, if you are looking to get off the trend train and start getting results that last a lifetime, give me a call or shoot me a message today. If you want to change it starts AND ends with you. By reading this far, you've already started, don't hold yourself up any longer, your time is important.

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