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I’m a Personal Trainer and Behavioral Change Specialist certified through NASM. I am also a group fitness instructor at Highland Recreation Complex and owner of the small In Home Personal Training business Fundamentally Fit. I help my clients to motivate, educate, and recreate their bodies, minds, and lifestyles to excel in their fitness and health goals, and to identify and crush any barriers that are in their way.


There are no quick fixes, yoyo diets, or empty promises here. With your commitment and my guidance we figure out what works best for you for the long term. You can expect custom-tailored workouts coupled with a long term plan in mind, and a good balance of positive reinforcement and the occasional tough love when it's necessary. With a goal, a plan, and a commitment to yourself, you can and will reach your fitness AND lifestyle goals.  

I was an overweight smoker in my mid twenties and struggled with self confidence issues in my teens, so I have a deep understanding of the difficulties that come with a new fitness plan and a lot of the mental hurdles. It can be in intimidating. Your physical and emotional well being are my top priorities. Change is tough, but you ARE tougher.

Certifications and experience:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Certified Behavioral Change Specialist

  • NASM Mental Toughness

  • Group fitness Instruction

  • Kickboxing Instruction

  • MMA Conditioning

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How Fitness Saved My Life (Part 2)

October 28, 2016


Happy Tuesday! I had some free time, so I figured I'd continue my story about my late blooming attitude with life (better late than never!) and how lucky I am to have the guidance that I've had. I believe we left off with me quitting smoking and giving up my long term relationship with tacos (thank god you can make them semi healthy). 


So here goes:

     Healthy and smoke free, I finally felt like I had control over myself. But I still lacked direction, so I started setting some goals. Something to drive me because to be honest, I had never thought about where I was going to be in a month, let alone 10 years. I was waiting for something to fix me and the reality hit, that I had to find it. Nobody else could do that. Just me. So i did some soul searching. I chose fitness (big surprise). I loved what I was learning about myself and wanted to share that. My g/f and I also decided we wanted to get a new routine. We were getting bored with the gym.  We got a flyer in the mail for a 30 day trial to a martial arts/kickboxing class, so we did that. I grew up in love with martial arts movies and action games so I was completely psyched. Additionally, I was pretty famous for tripping over my own feet, so any kind of training involving my legs and coordination was probably a good idea.


So first day of class.


      My g/f and I walked into the Dojang (that's korean for school for anyone who cares) and introduced ourselves to the instructor. She was really nice and probably the biggest influence in my life today. We signed a few liability waivers and she told us to take off our shoes and get on the mat. As i was taking my shoes off I noticed the class was full of kids. Like 7-12 year old kids. I signed up for this class picturing myself training with a bunch of Chuck Norris', not a bunch of rugrats, but I went with it. She had us come out on the mat and practice a few punches and kicks that we had no idea about but we tried. I'm sure she was probably pretty amused (i know the kids were). I also noticed how incredibly fluid and disciplined some of the kids were. These rugrats had built more discipline with 7 years than I had accrued over my entire life.



I wanted to be like that! Hell, I needed it.

So after the class, we decided what did we have to lose? Lets do it.

That was hands down the best decision we ever made. I'd love to go on forever about it, but I'll abridge it a bit. Here's the top 3 qualities I gained from these programs that I still use to this day.This list is not all encompassing, and the benefits go far beyond this, but these were my biggest weaknesses that i'd say are pretty darn solid now (but there always will be room for improvement). 


1.) Focus- Focusing was always an issue for me. During a lot of our classes we were told to sit still and breathe. Don't move, just think about your training. It's amazing how hard it was for me to sit still for more than 30 seconds and think about 1 thing, but I still remind myself to do it to this day.


2.) Agressive optimism-it's amazing what saying positive things aloud does for your drive and confidence. I was definitely a cynic at the time and our instructors knew it, so they'd pick people to stand up and say a positive thing as enthusiastically as we could. Guess who they picked. But you know what? They were right. (Also, thanks guys! You know who you are)


3.) Teamwork- Giving up control was never my forte (ask anyone who knows me). These classes valued seniority regardless of age, and there was something very humbling about taking orders from kids that were the same age as my niece.


With these 3 qualities, I was armed to the teeth to make the improvements in my life that I needed. Now for the big move!


 Thanks for reading guys! If you guys are feeling this, check back in soon and I will have the conclusion posted sharing how we made it to Florida!




















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